Creating Value From Underutilized Clinical Services.

We'll Help You Capture Revenue and Care Opportunities Right There In Your Lobby!

Getting PRETI Can Help You Turn Wait Time Into Care Time.

Patients spend 10-20 minutes waiting to be seen by a doctor. If you do not have PRETI in your lobby or waiting room, you're missing out on significant patient care and revenue opportunities. PRETI allows you to offer self-administered, health-risk assessments in-between appointments.

PRETI Health & Development Screenings

PRETI Health.

Health, development and mental wellbeing screenings are critical to the growth of a child. Integrating standardized screening instruments into clinical workflows has been challenging for pediatrician practices. Most practices do not have the staff resources to perform and manage these screenings. Providers continue to miss on revenue and care opportunities due to the underutilization of screenings.

Connectivity Drives Clinical Workflow Automation

Seamless integration with EHR and PMS systems.

Like to See how PRETI Works?

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